Wales Coast Explorer – Crwydro Arfordir Cymru App

It is good to know that we can all play our part in looking after the spectacular scenery and varied wildlife along the Pembrokeshire coast by being aware of the Marine Code.  Exciting news – the popular Pembrokeshire Marine Code App is now part of the Wales Coast Explorer –  Crwydro Arfordir Cymru App. The Wales Coast Explorer App gives access to details from all the regions along the coast of Wales.  Features include: 

  • Coastal guidance for reducing disturbance to seals, seabirds, & cetaceans 
  • Information on the plants and animals you might see whilst exploring the coastline 
  • The ability to report a sighting of an animal for wildlife records 
  • Information of the geology of Pembrokeshire 
  • Information on marine invasive species 
  • Discover Maritime archaeology sites and record your finds
  • Agreed access restrictions maps for Pembrokeshire, using Google maps, satellite, and PDF imagery 


The Wales Coast Explorer App is now live! 

From our land, through our estuaries, to our seas, take the coastline in your pocket by downloading the Wales Coast Explorer App.  

  • Explore: Discover ancient sites and learn how to enjoy Welsh coasts.
  • Identify: Plants and animals and other wildlife!
  • Record: Become a citizen scientist by sharing your sightings.

Download for free today!